Hello there, I'm Lawrence - a freelance web developer with over 10 years of experience building sites. I've developed for clients such as BBC, 20th Century Fox, Signal-noise, Freeview, Mazda, and Reward. I work out of pure passion, love, and professionalism for design and development.

Work Ethic


I create smooth-running kinky sites that appeal to first time visitors. Crafted to please the eyes and encourage interaction in any way possible.


Following the latest trends in programming and design, I have the know how to keep your site relevant and impactful.

Supporting Lives

Communication is vital, fact! Emails are answered within an hour and you can always ring me for a chat.

Not Just For Christmas

I don’t do this for kicks, I’m here to build up a long-term relationship. Bringing you strength and confidence, and showing you along the way.

People Orientated

My clients come first! I’m open to having suggestions thrown at me. Ultimately, it’s about collaboration and involvement. This ain’t no one way conversation.


I like making something that’s different from the plethora of websites that currently exist. Always ready to tackle new things that draw in the crowds!

Recent Work


100 Women, by BBC


100 Women is a month-long national BBC campaign that takes place annually. The series examines the role of women in the 21st century and culminates in an event held at BBC Broadcasting House in London.

To design a public display that uses Twitter to feed a real time stream of words based on the topics discussed during the live show and generate a word cloud complete with physics. Guests and visitors are encouraged to interact with the display by tweeting #100women.

On this project I opted to use Laravel 5 to process tweets every minute, slicing them in to words and incrementing accordingly. Popular words generated larger clusters to show what is trending based on a current timestamp. Words are also sanitized, processed through a lexicon table, and finally recorded to the database for statistics gathering. A backend system was also created for moderation during the live broadcast.

Laravel 5 Twitter API D3 Fortrabbit HTML5 PHP NPM SASS Gulp Git Responsive jQuery



Mazda Canada, by Syzygy


Digital agency that works collaboratively with clients to develop strategic, creative and technical ideas that help grow their businesses and redefine their brands.

The task was to produce a site that would house a diverse set of contents, and a series of interactive elements that will engage and inform anyone curious about Mazda and their range of vehicles.

As a senior front-end developer, my task was to facilitate the development of a js interface with a team of 4 front-end developers using ecma6 alongside node based tools. Working alongside UX, back-end, design and management departments in an Agile manner we generated modules for each component of the site, ensuring that every aspect could be built up in a modular format.

EpiServer7 ECMAScript6 Pyphon HTML5 C# NPM LESS SMACSS Gulp Git Responsive Agile jQuery



Lumia 930, by FCB Inferno


FCB Inferno is a UK based integrated creative agency with a full-service offering and global scope. We believe ‘the world needs more interesting'.

As part of a drive for Microsoft's Lumia range, FCB Inferno were tasked with a series of campaign emails and microsites to be developed alongside their marketing campaign.

Simplicity was key and emphasis was given towards backwards compatibility within browsers - As a result a mobile-first approach was used. FFMPEG was also needed to convert video footage as well as a player to allow seamless interaction.

HTML5 CSS3 Mobile First Responsive Javascript Microsite Git FFMPEG jQuery



Freeview - Left Behind, by FullSIX London


Develop ideas, design solutions, build applications and manage campaigns in order to solve business problems and deliver measurable success for clients.

As part of Freeviews campaign their advertisement combined a stadium rocking power ballad anthem with relatable and fun car boot sale characters. With its quirky nature, the ad was obviously going to create a stir. Alongside this drive was a website was required to further drive the brand.

The idea was to show Lionel Richie rescuing the singing car boot sale characters as he wanted their help to recreate a classic 80’s game show in his shed at home. Users could play along in an interactive YouTube video and win a host of TV related prizes.

HTML5 Javascript Velocity Grunt SMACSS Git Agile Handlebars Youtube API Facebook API



NKD Learning


NKD deliver bespoke programmes to meet a wide range of business objectives such as Leadership Development and Breakthrough Customer Service.

The task was to create a full-stack corporate website that allowed the graphics team to manage all aspects of the site from content to presentation. Emphasis was on modernising the approach to managing pages with full use of front-end and back-end frameworks.

The team emphasised that Wordpress was not an option, so I chose Laravel 5 as the platform of choice and created everything from scratch. Some novel ideas were implemented with inline editing, layered image manipulation, and animation management. The site is fully modular in approach with the ability to drag components around the page.

Full-stack Laravel 5 HTML5 Responsive Javascript NPM Gulp SASS Google Maps API Twitter API



Reward Insight


Reward have been pushing to release a new version of their homepage that is bold and colourful. I was hired alongside their lead-developer to spend a couple of weeks to not only finish the front-end, but also work alongside the testing team to ensure that the site was compliant with older browsers.

Simplicity and space was conveyed within the initial design, and there was relative freedom to add additional features where needed. Due to press releases by the company, deadlines were set at daily chunks and had to include testing down to IE8.

Having worked with Reward previously, the site was to retain much of the framework used by their backend team. Much of the site was streamlined where CSS was pushed in to class based inheritance so that front-end features could be component based.

Mobile First .NET HTML5 CSS3 SASS Jquery Grunt Git SASS BS 8878



Perrett Laver, by Signal Noise

Released soon

Perrett Laver is a global executive search firm. They advise private and public organisations on their leadership challenges and their talent agendas, working with universities, schools, NGOs, charities, public sector bodies or private sector organisations.

To implement a site that allows users to filter down data and stats related figures on international placements and positions based on the sector they work in. This will make use of geographical information, and representatives to contact.

Wordpress was used as the main delivery framework, although with the use of plugins that allow a high level of customization with post relationships. The map employed use of a self-hosted Tilemill map (Using Leaflet and Mapbox API's for delivery), and included geo-location data on each placement. Statistics were represented in Raphael, an SVG based library.

Wordpress CSS3 LESS Jquery Bootstrap Mapbox Leaflet AJAX PHP Raphael Responsive



RLM Finsbury, by Signal Noise


RLM Finsbury provides strategic advice and execution to clients around the world on multichannel interactions with ever-widening audiences – media, financial markets, employees, customers, governments, policymakers, regulators and other stakeholders.

Implement a website that has a clean, robust interface with an emphasis on easy back-end management and switchable content and/or media.

For ease of use Wordpress was employed as the framework of choice. It uses ACF to control how Wordpress is represented on the screen, and has a Grunt compiled front-end for CSS and javascript duties.

Wordpress SMACSS CSS3 LESS Jquery Bootstrap AJAX PHP Raphael Responsive



Mawi, by Marc Kremers


A jewellery house with an emphasis on luxurious statement pieces, Mawi combines cutting-edge contemporary style with traditional influences and materials. Following its initial success, Mawi made its debut at London Fashion Week in 2003 with a collection of jewellery and handbags.

Create a quirky, interactive commerce site with an emphasis on cool design and animation. I was brought in to take over from an existing agency to help finish what was initially started.

The site uses Magento as its commerce platform. Alterations were made to its initial framework to incorporate both AJAX based functionality, animated CSS3 components and advanced javascripting, taking in to account cross-browser abilities.

Magento CSS3 Javascript AJAX LESS Jquery PHP Responsive



Cashback Plus, by Reward Insight


Reward Insight provide analytical and technological based solutions for global financial services, premier sports, and charitable organisations.

To update and develop the front-end UX of Natwests and RBS's Cashback Plus service with an aim to bring the services in line with current design and accessibility trends.

Designs were converted over to a modular based reference framework that would then be delivered to the back-end team and merged in to the final site. Large use of Google Map v3 API to deliver geo-referenced retailers on a radius setting. Agile methods were employed across all Reward teams, and the emphasis was on modular CSS techniques of code re-use.

Mobile First .NET HTML5 CSS3 Jquery Grunt Git SASS BS 8878