I'm Lawrence - a senior figure with over 13 years of experience working on front-end builds and now head of department within Tribal Worldwide. I've developed for clients such as BBC, Volkswagen, 20th Century Fox, Avios, Unilever, and Biogen. I work out of pure passion, love, and professionalism for UI and development.

Work Ethic


I develop and manage performant apps that appeal to first time visitors. Built using the latest frameworks, and encouraging interaction.


Following the latest standards and trends in programming and design, I have the know how to keep solutions relevant and impactful.


Communication is vital, fact. A strong team can make all the difference for how well a company performs.


I’m here to build up a long-term relationship. Bringing you all the information you need in a clear down-to-earth fashion, and showing you along the way.

People Orientated

Always open to having suggestions shared. Collaboration and involvement are key to having cohension internally and alignement across brand.


I enjoy working on new ideas from voice, to machine learning. Always ready to tackle new things that work to draw in users.